Alvaro’s Fresco Grey


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“Alvaro’s Fresco Grey “A very powerful and true hue, with no artificial look to it. Passionate and mysterious, great to evoke distant elements of any kind even the unknown…I love the hue.”

Alvaro’s Fresco and Caliente Greys, as he describes them, are about; “…magnetism, fury, energy…power. You know greys… create a feeling of danger, emotion, passion… mystery…evoke things that are unknown…darkness. I use these greys to create a painting that has a magnetism…energy, mystery, passion…something to discover, entering the unknown, darkness. Both of these colors have just this type of feel to me.” -Alvaro Castagnet

Part of our Signature Series, Alvaro’s Fresco Grey, a cool midnight in mass tone and a cooling mist in washes, it mixes well with other colors, toning them down and adding a touch of coolness. Alvaro’s Fresco Grey is semi-transparent, granulating, low staining and has excellent lightfastness.”

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